~*Saya T'Laina (saya) wrote in clamp20in20,
~*Saya T'Laina


1. you get to choose something CLAMP related (beiing that character, series, paring, something)
2. Your choice can't tkae the same claim twice in row
3. Icons must be made especialy for the round
4. Please no clones, we'll understand when it's actually the same person that applies
5. You post your set or in the community, or you can link it where you have it, but it has to be an open post (no closed posts, thank you)
6. You must be a member of the community
7. Icons must be LJ standard (40kb, 100x100 or less, .gif/.png/.jpg)
8. When voting, vote good stuff, not just because the person is your friend or you love the series
9. Animated icons accepted
10.  Usage of fanart: you have to have proof that the artist doesn't mind you are using their art and you need to credit them
Tags: !!rules

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