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Round 10 | Themes

Sorry for the delay! Lu is busy so I'm posting this.
Remember you can still sign up here!

- All icons must be made specifically for the challenge by you.
- Remember livejournal standards (under 40kb, 100x100 pixels, .png/.jpg/.gif format)
- When posting in the community, put 3 teaser icons and a link to the post.
- Subject: [Round 10] Your username. Don't worry about tags :)
- The icon post must must remain public until the end of the round.
- Since this is a general round you must use at least three different series.
- Icons are due December 14th.

10 Themes:
song title* | she | he | death | profile
hands | Polaroid | magic |  opposites |  given image
*we'll need the information: song and artist =)

5 Category: Tarots
5 AC: Icon what you want!

You have questions? Ask them!

Tags: !!themes, !round 10
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