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CLAMP: 20 icons in 20 days
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This is CLAMP20in20, and yes it's another 20in20 community, this time dedicated only to clamp. This community takes inspiration from other 20in20 communities and it's naturaly for CLAMP lovers.
As all the 20in20 challenges this one also is composed of three parts.
10 themes (you have to make 10 icons by the theme that is given)
5 category set (normaly these are 5 icons that follow just one theme)
5 artist's choice (you can do what you want)
As for the beginning there is no time table, because we need to see also how many people will sign up for the challenge and similar.
The only thing that you must know is that the 20 icons must be finished in 20 days. For example if the round starts on 2nd October, by 22nd October it has to be finished.
Rules and Other stuff
1. You can choose something CLAMP related (being that a character, series, pairing...)
2. You can't claim the same subject twice in a row.
3. Icons must be made especially for the round.
4. Please no clones, we'll understand when it's actually the same person that applies.
5. You can post your set at the community, or you can link it to another comm, but it must be an open post.
6. You must be a member of the community
7. Icons must be LJ standard (40kb, 100x100 or less, .gif/.png/.jpg)
8. Try to vote as fairly as possible, not just because the person is your friend or you love the series.
9. Animated icons are allowed.
10. Fanart, vectors and other non-official works are not allowed.

Bannermakesrs: lu_hesperia, saya and adrastea

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